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The Cool Kids of Kenya

By 2050, 1.3 billion people of the 7 billion on earth will come from the continent of Africa. With population growth at such explosive levels, job growth levels are just barely keeping up– causing millions of working-age people left out in the cold. But Kenya’s tight-knit creative community refuse to be left behind. Using platforms […]
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The Art of the Hustle: Erik Dryer

“Until you learn to celebrate things big and small, none of this is worth it,” says moonlighter and Goodshuffle co-founder Erik Dreyer. Goodshuffle connects local companies and individuals to an online marketplace, where they can book all their event rental needs, from tables and chairs to tents and coolers, in one place. 32-year-old Dreyer has been […]
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A Quick Tour Of Cultural Cuisine In DC

If touring the world isn’t on your list for this weekend, consider grabbing your wallet and heading to the closest ethnic food joint in the District. Your escape will begin as soon as you take a bite of something deliciously unfamiliar. Start your tour with these hand-picked destinations within city limits:   BISTRO BOHEM | Central European Tucked […]
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At The Washington Post, Fresh Talent Prevails

A short commute from the Logan Circle neighborhood Elise Viebeck calls home, is a shiny new Washington Post office building— where the 27-year-old National Enterprise Reporter sits in a state-of-the-art newsroom and bounces ideas off her colleagues. Viebeck was a restless student during her tenure at Claremont McKenna College and wrapped her degree early so she could start […]
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